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The Metadata Exchange

The Metadata Exchange (MEX) is a facility for sharing digital resources that are stored on the servers of external organisations. It enables the resources to be accessed by Australian schools.

MEX can harvest the metadata records of digital resources that are suitable for schools from a range of organisations. These records are stored in a central repository, and educational metadata is added to them. The records are then distributed to all jurisdictions, eliminating the need for users to identify and search for resources in the individual repositories of cultural institutions.

Metadata requirements for MEX

There are certain requirements that your metadata must meet in order to distribute records through MEX.

The metadata records are harvested using RSS 2.0 via Open Search.

There are more than 20 metadata fields, all based on ANZ-LOM (a metadata profile developed for the education sector in Australia and New Zealand). The information for each metadata record must be encoded in XML that conforms to the metadata schema.

The records are mostly distributed via RESTful web services, but the content distribution web service LORAX is also supported.

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