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Sharing digital resources

Teachers, jurisdictions, associations and publishers can select and prepare digital resources for sharing at the national level through the National Digital Learning Resource Network (NDLRN). The criteria for quality digital resources are outlined in the Education value standard for digital resources. Education Services Australia provides an infrastructure through NDLRN to facilitate distribution of digital resources to all educational jurisdictions and sectors in Australia.

National sharing

When you contribute a digital resource for national sharing, you need to consider the following points in your planning process:

  • metadata (data that describes the characteristics of the resource as well as copyright and moral rights information) is required to ensure that the resource can be easily discovered by teachers and students
  • the method of distribution must involve either the Metadata Exchange (MEX) or the Sharing Exchange (SHEX).

Distribution systems

There are two systems underpinning the distribution model, both linked to the Australian education jurisdictions and sectors.

  • The Sharing Exchange (SHEX) is a repository for the Australian school sector that enables digital resources to be shared.
  • The Metadata Exchange (MEX) is a system that harvests the metadata records of digital resources suitable for schools in Australia from a range of cultural institutions (for example, museums, non-government organisations). Alternatively, the metadata can be entered into MEX manually. This system eliminates the need for users to identify and search the individual repositories of cultural institutions.

The decision regarding which distribution method to use is undertaken in consultation with Education Services Australia, ideally during the planning phase of the project before development has started.

To ensure effective distribution and discoverability, you also need to address licensing, copyright and metadata prior to resource publication.

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