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The Educational value standard for digital resources outlines quality criteria that have been agreed by education jurisdictions.The following lists outline processes to ensure developers can meet the required standards.

Learners' needs

You need to consider your learners' needs and the most appropriate educational methods to deliver the learning, including:

  • identifying your audience or learner
  • determining which Australian Curriculum content descriptions, cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities the resource will address.


At the planning stage, identify any materials you wish to use as content and map out your requirements:

  • define what you want to develop
    • content
    • size
    • format
  • identify your key stakeholders
    • project partners
    • curriculum experts
    • software developers
    • writers
  • estimate your staffing requirements
    • skills
    • availability
    • technical expertise
  • identify your timeline for development
    • key milestones
    • review
    • quality assurance process
  • estimate your costs
  • locate any relevant resources
  • identify any third-party content that may require permission to use
  • consult Education Services Australia on the appropriate method for sharing the resource.
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