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Education Services Australia supports the implementation of the Australian Curriculum by aligning nationally available digital resources with the new syllabus.

Alignment follows a careful process of selection and review within Education Services Australia. Subject matter experts select the digital resources that support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. They use the following criteria to identify the most valuable resources:

  • alignment with content descriptions in the Australian Curriculum
  • educational soundness
  • quality of learning design
  • popularity with teachers
  • suitability for particular year levels
  • resource type, for example interactives, moving images.

The subject matter experts match digital resources with the relevant subject, year level/s, strand/s and content description/s in the Australian Curriculum. These data are entered in the metadata of each resource.


Curriculum experts in the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and Education Services Australia have tagged each content description with appropriate topic terms from a controlled vocabulary known as the Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT).

Each of the tagged ScOT terms has a suite of 'non-preferred terms' that is recognised by digital repositories and matched electronically with the relevant ScOT term, thus widening their coverage.

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