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The National Digital Learning Resources Network (NDLRN) is a national asset that includes digital curriculum resources and associated systems, standards, networks and distribution infrastructure.


The 13,000 digital curriculum resources in NDLRN provide challenging and engaging learning experiences, and include:

  • interactive learning and assessment resources
  • audio files, videos and images with teachers' notes
  • collections of resources organised around popular topics in the curriculum
  • teacher ideas explaining how teachers use resources in their learning programs, with links to the resources used in the lessons; some teacher ideas include assessment resources, samples of student work and teacher-developed material
  • units of work
  • open-ended tools.


Many of the published resources are the result of partnerships with more than 45 cultural, scientific and public organisations and professional associations. Education Services Australia works with these organisations to procure resources and enhance them for educational use.

No copyright payments

The resources can be used without ongoing copyright payment.

Systems, standards and processes

The resources are supported by:

  • mechanisms that enable educational jurisdictions and cultural and other organisations to share resources
  • interoperable industry and educational standards to ensure the resources can be used on computers and operating systems across Australia and New Zealand
  • specifications for accessibility and technical performance, educational soundness and rights management
  • quality assurance processes with a focus on educational and technical standards
  • software systems and strategies to support intellectual property management by Education Services Australia and educational jurisdictions
  • the Schools Online Thesaurus (ScOT), which helps educational users find resources
  • Scootle, a portal that provides resources to schools where access is otherwise difficult.


Education Services Australia has conducted:

  • research into the use of emerging technologies for teaching and learning
  • a longitudinal study on the use of digital curriculum resources in schools in all Australian states and territories and in New Zealand, with five research reports based on the findings
  • investigations into how digital curriculum resources engage and motivate Indigenous students in a range of educational settings.
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